Req: Destructible consoles

I did find loads of 360s , PS3s and so on.But none of them really work.I only got one out of all of them working.They have no lua or info files with them at all.So i don’t know why they don’t work, while some addons work fine without lua.

Anyway, i would like to the mosp popular consoles, if its possible.It would be nice to have a consoles, that break like that projector does in cs_office.Thanks.

You aren’t being vague enough. Please, provide less detail.

Are you saying that you found models of xbox 360s or ps3s that can be put into gmod, but you want them destructible? Like the projector or the computers in cs_office?


And as about the ones i can find from download site, only one model works.None of the other files did’nt even work.