[REQ] F.3.A.R. Paxton Fettel model to Gmod compatible ragdoll

Hello Facepunch community! I have a request that is hopefully simple enough for anyone that has any experience with converting/porting models to Gmod. I’ve tried learning myself but I haven’t had much luck, and it’s never really been my forte. I also tried finding an existing ragdoll but no luck with that, either. The only thing I could find was this model which looks promising enough, but I’m pretty certain it’s not Gmod-ready. It would be awesome if anyone could port it for me. I apologize for my inexperience.

We need Point Man along with this

Agreed, not sure where to get him though.

I’d still prefer to see the model he uses in FEAR 1 & 2 (DLC only for the latter)




I’d honestly be good with the F.E.A.R. 1 model too. If nothing else.

Can’t be too hard. There’s plenty of ports on GMod.org and the like for the first two. And there have been models from the third floating around unrigged for Source.

I’ve got Point Man rigged for Fallout. I can provide him in fbx or psk format for someone who will port him.

Checking back. I tried again to get the hang of this stuff but I’m lost when it comes to the terms people use, so I can’t even really get started. : This site has so many people and is incredibly active, so my hopes are still high that someone might look into this.


Bumping again. :I

I’ll take a look at it, wont promise anything.

Thank you for trying at least. (:

It’s been almost two months, can’t someone help?

If the scene with [sp]Becket[/sp] was actually in-game, then he would be nice as well.