[REQ] Forgot password feature

I was just trying to log in, but i must have done a typo when doing my password when I made my account and now I can’t access my account. Anything I can do?

Oh and you should let people retype their password too during the registration!

Because everyone has the best memory, and doesnt make typos.


I thought he meant type your password twice to verify you got it correct before clicking register.

he did

Either way, this feature should be in.

I’m sure it’ll be added sooner or later.

Yes I ment verifying that you typed your password during the registration correctly :slight_smile:
And I do agree with you that there should be a ‘forgot password’-feature.

Why has this not been added yet?

I totally agree on this one, i got the same problem… having a reset password button shouldnt be too hard to make and its necessary, it sucks so hard actully being the one in a million to actually have rust, but you cant log in because username/password is wrong and there is no way for you to fix it.
i hope this gets added asap and should be prioritized.

This suggestion has been here for 6 months and still nothing has been done.

Having the same problem… any password i know i would ever use is not working so must have made a typo. Really hoping a forgot password feature will be added ASAP

i cant even get into my account but im sure im typing everything in right but idk

Is it really that hard to memorize a password?

Hell at least get chrome or firefox to remember them.

yeah use chrome or firefox not internet explorer.


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& lastpass

maskme extension on chrome/firefox

What the hell is Maskme? Something to capture your browser and surge it for information?

please add this feature

Corfax, would you mind not being so butthurt?