[REQ] Gasmask glass

Hello, Facepunch community, I would like to make request. Here is deal: i’m looked for gasmask model in nets for very long time, i had needed one in my HL2RP scheme and thanks god i found it, even though it perfectly fits to HL universe, but i have a serious problem with model, it have tinted glass. So, can someone make this glass transparent, so players could see each others faces?


Here is link for archive with model/texture - http://www.mediafire.com/?9pc3h4tsmqa3fu5
There is “few” excess files which is not supposed to be touched. The model i talking about is models/avoxgaming/mrp/jake/props/gasmask.mdl .

So heres how it looks, yeah it seems like there is nothing there but when exported the texture as a TGA file and checked it, there didn’t seem to be much there

How the texture looks with the transparency and shit

Thanks for reply! I’m sorry, i really don’t understand much of your words (TGA etc), but please, if this not bother you much, can you “fix” this problem with glass (or just remove it) and upload it somewhere? It would be great.

Edit: Request is closed, we managed to do it