REQ: Gears of War 3 COG snub pistol

I figured this would be a pretty simple request, I would like a model & texture of the COG snub pistol from Gears of War 3.

I don’t need this to be gmod ready or anything, I’d just like it to be in any format readable by 3ds Max.

I’ve found two that look pretty close on Sketchup Warehouse but they were all ridiculously high poly.


Thanks in advance.
If it can’t be done, that’s fine.

Edit: Someone got me a similar thing, works fine! Look below.

There is already one in Gmod, though it is from the first gears of war game.

Here’s the one from gears of war judgement

That’s nice, but 3Ds Max can’t open PSK and I have no idea what to convert it with.

Wait, I think I found something.

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Yes, this works perfectly! Thank you very much.

For anyone else who wants this but doesn’t know how to open it, I used this plugin.