[REQ] General office props?

I’m asking if someone can either make or point me in the direction of some general office props that I can use in my L4D2/SFM map. Sure, the ones that already come with it are good, don’t get me wrong, but you can only use them so many times before it gets to be repetitive. And even with that, you seldom get things like clutter, IT related stuff, basically everything that isn’t from CS_Office looks like it’s been sitting in Chernobyl for 20 years. This is some of the things I was thinking about in terms of office clutter:

I know it’s from GTA 5 and I tried to extract them from it but one, the format they come extracted in doesn’t have a plugin for 3dsmax yet and second, the actual prop-props like keyboards, pizza boxes, etc. are nowhere to be found yet. So either:

A) Someone could make them
B) Someone in the past already made them and could link them here
C) I will have to wait for 3dsmax plugins and find where the prop-props are within V’s files

Either which way, any help is greatly appreciated.

Download Blacklight Retribution
Download uModel

Extract to your heart’s content!

Mind you, I had issues with the new patch! So when you start cracking, I did something probably incredibly lazy but it worked. I moved the texture files into the folder I was going to extract along with umodel INTO the same directory (in the FAQ of umodel they make reference to it, I forgot what the name is, starts with an R). Make sure you -game=“t4” as explained in the FAQ.

Then go nuts.

Blacklight Retribution, that looks like too sci-fi of a game for my needs (Or do I need it for Umodel, and umodel is some new way to export models from V that I haven’t heard of yet?). What do the office props in that look like?

The combat models look somewhat futuristic, however MOST of the office and standard interior furniture is very modern, many of which come with damaged equivalents. I recommend you give it a shot.

Umodel is a viewer that lets you extract from Blacklight. Can either export what you want from the viewer OR extract and entire package. Check out Gildor’s page and see what you can get stuff from, BLR has some really detailed stuff.

Damn, this is exactly right up my alley! Thanks a ton, here’s some music to celebrate to while I figure how to get this into L4D

[quote=“gnampf, post:6, topic:213851”]

Damn, this is exactly right up my alley! Thanks a ton, here’s some music to celebrate to while I figure how to get this into L4D


My pleasure, and now you can pick and choose. Also, Xnalara communities generally have stock office greebles and what not you can use, almost always in OBJ format.