[REQ] HQ Combine Soldiers

Now I know this might be a bit of a big request, but I was wondering, can someone do some more detailed Combine Soldier models? The elite and normal one. I really need some better models for them and just looking at a 2003 model is just kinda, eh… I was thinking that the soldiers could even have some more gear detail, like small ammo pockets on the belts or maybe chest gear, that kind of thing.

I think someone made some a while back.

I can’t remember the file link, however. I believe the thread’s still on facepunch, you can search via Google.

Both Zeemlapje and I have made “higher res” skins for the default Combine models, with his being significantly better. Search for those.

Those are great, but it’s time someone made some better models overall. It’s still amazing that a model from 2003 up until now still looks good as long as you give it the right skin.


these are the only hd models as far as i know are the Missing Information’s ones

Bloo made some Enhanced combine soldiers, They look good, easy to pose and have bodygroups for the helmets.


Those Missing Information one look really nice, the helmet looks a bit weird but other than that, they look really nice, I also like that little pocket addition they have on their belts.

The biggest problem with the model is the stretchy armpits.

This thread might be useful for you:


Those are not the Missing Information combine. Those are the ones that Romka made back in 2009-2010 but he never released.

These are the Missing Information combine.

my mistake then