[Req] join message script

When new player spawns in the map, script reports for all players: “%player% joined to the game. Last seen: %time%” (im using utime, i think it would be useful for %time%)
if player joined for the first time: “%player% joined for the first time”

Evolve does just that.

but im using ulx,ulib

Then stop using it and use Evolve.

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You’re going to have to save joins in a file or something, when they connect get the difference in time and format it. If they’re new, save a new entry and just print that they’re new.

Evolve has issues, not least of which is noticeable performance degradation and the prevention of other addons from successfully using chat related hooks (Specifically “OnPlayerChat”) in sandbox gamemodes

Not something I’d recommend

Alright, and I clearly posted the solution to your issue below…