[REQ]Modern Warfare Remastered Ch-46 Seaknight and Abrams (raw)

Since some people are already playing the remaster of MW and from what I have seen the models do look a lot better than in the original game. Now I have not really a clue how obtaining models from the newest CoD titles works, but I figured maybe someone is up for it. The models I’m looking for in particular are the M1A1 Abrams and CH-46 Seaknight. Especially the Seaknight, since there isn’t really any good model of it in a game at all and after watching Shock and Awe gameplay from the remastered version I have to say that it looked pretty neat in there. Hope someone could help me out here, I’d appreciate the models in something like .obj format. Thanks ina dvance to anyone willing to help.

theyre not playing it on pc just yet friend

You might want to actually wait for it to come out for PC. I don’t think ripping models from PS4 games is very easy or even possible.

that explains why I haven’t seen a single thread on it… Well, my apologies, thought it was accessible on every platform already. Gonna bump this later then^^

Well, the time has come… I know I know, I posted in the other MW:R thread, but I feel like the request got buried there, so I’ll leave it in this dedicated thread.

i’ll grab it 4 u bb, hold on
be aware that the tool only wanted to export the vehicles in xmodel format

Weird, does this only apply for the vehicles? Anyway, thanks for taking the time doing this.

might be an issue on my end, i donno
hopefully it’ll work fine for you :v:

Did you use Wraith to dump the files? Because according to the post in the other thread:

You should be able to extract the .obj files from the xmodel with Wraith… Not sure if I’d be able to open/extract the .xmodel files without having the game here :confused:

well i had it set to export every type of file, but it only grabbed the one, so iunno

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well apparently there’s xmodel importers for blender, maybe that’d work?

hm, I’ll test that, thanks for uploading those though. Hopefully I can find something to get them imported.

Hm no, too dumb to get these models into a program… That and the Abrams’ Main texture can’t be opened by either Gimp, Noesis… hm

I’ll check the models out and see if I can fix it, I happen to have Maya, 3ds max, and Blender installed.

Would be great if you achieved something

Anyone? I hate sitting in front of these textures with the models being so close, yet so far…

I’ve got some time cleared up, I’ll download the models and check them out. Nvm. It took over an hour to download the model (why)