[REQ] MOL Bunker from "Supernatural"

Here’s a request I’m sure someone will be interested in. I’d like someone to map the Men of Letters Bunker from show “Supernatural”.

During season 8 of Supernatural (Which just ended Wednesday) we were introduced to the Men of Letters, a secret society dedicated to the study of the Occult that existed up until 1958, when a demonic Knight of Hell, named Abbadon, destroyed them. They secretly fought the Nazi’s dreaded Thule Society back in WW2. The Winchester brothers found their secret bunker, which now serves as their home base. The bunker sits in Lebanon, Kansas, the geographical heart of the United States. Despite being abandoned all those years ago, all the machines inside are still functioning…

The bunker contains:
-Various Supernatural Weapons
-Gun Ranges


The Men of Letters’s symbol, the Unicursal Hexagram, or 6-pointed star, said to have been etched onto the gates of Atlantis. Seen here etched into a doorway and on a box containing the key to the bunker.

The Bunker’s interior has a 20’s and 30’s Art Deco motif with Supernatural symbols in the designwork-

The Entrance to the Bunker:

View from the balcony that the entrance leads to. Below you can see the situation room.

The situation room. The map lights up when an unnaturally strong supernatural event occurs in a certain area of the world.


The library beyond the situation room.


Dean’s room in the Bunkers. He keeps his various weapons on one of the walls, including a crude improvised axe that he brought back from purgatory.

The crew of the show on the Bunker set. Gives you a sense of the space:

Videos of the bunker:

Not pictured:
In the archives, there’s a secret room behind some of the shelves leading to a dungeon that has Demon-proof shackles in it.

For what game… Like CS:GO, HL2 or what?

Good luck finding someone to take up something as ambitious as this without being paid.

For Gmod.

Yeaaaah…I was more or less just throwing it out there as something that would be cool.