[REQ] New Age Naval Team

I need still 3 people for my team to create a new gamemode (TacoScript2 Based), with the basic idea of Naval.
The current members are:
Project leader - Ruben
Lua - Newbee
Lua - Open
Mapping - Flying Dutch
Mapping- Newbee
Modeling - Flying Dutch
Modeling - Open


DBD is for Dead Before Dishonour, and is a little starting community. We have now only 1 server hosted at home, and we know that isn’t enough.
We hope to get donations to rent 1 or more servers with this gamemode.


As seen above, is it going to be a New Age Naval, a modern version of Naval.
If you join for the first time you can make a character and select a team - an European, an American or a Somalian Pirate (I’ve no offence to Somalian people) -
After that you will spawn on 1 of the 3 islands. You have 2 big continents, Europa and America, and a little island for the pirates, but with buildings though.

The point of the gamemode is to get oil at the oil rig somewhere in the map and sell it to a oil refinery,
chop wood and bring it to a factory where you earn money for delivering the trunks,
and the normal Role Play life, with normal jobs like a bartender, a nurse, illigal things, drugsdealers, etc.

You have cars that will save if you leave the server, and that you need to buy for real prices, and not for like 2000 and give that to a car dealer.
You need to rent houses and buildings for a hour or more, and get all the doors of that building in your property then.

So to be fast: It’s just a Serious Role Play with more country’s.


We need someone - to help Newbee - to script entities like trees that can be chopped down, or with a chainsaw. So, we need you to script weapons, trees, and the biggest of all;
A oil rig with a tank in it. If you have used to play Naval before, you get barrels and you need to “shoot” them into your oil tank. My idea was to make a few tanks on the rig,
that are getting filled each 30 seconds with a x amount oil. Maybe a random number between 10 and 40. If 1 of the tanks on the rig is full, the rig stops to pump oil into that tank.
If you are at the rig with a little transportable tank, you have to gravgun a pump (like in fuelmod) and put it through your tank, and it automaticly fills the tank, with 100 liter each 30
seconds (or something else), untill the tank on the rig is empty.
There are variable prices for the oil too, like between $1 each 2 liter - 4 liter, so you can’t earn too much money in 1 time.


We need modelers for the trees too, for maybe some weapons, to design a nice trailer (, truck?), a big oil-tanker u can buy for a high price (so u need to be advanced in this gamemode to buy this ship).


We need a big map, with like 3 maps in it, and water between it. We need 2 continents, a “pirate island”, an oilrig (maybe a ferry to transport cars, a train under the water or with a very big bridge) and more.

I think we had all now, so post here or send me a private message please.

I like the idea, I can help, but I’m terrible with entities.

With what can / would you help?

Lua stuff, alot of it, just not entities.

So, the editing of the TacoScript2?

I can do entities.

I know that already…
You’re already part of the team.

Someone else?

We still need a modeler to start!

Remaking ze Naval Play?

Make sure too add balanced weapons.

Stole my BoatRP idea. I’d like to see this go somewhere though.

I remember remaking Naval Play by SGC last year, I never got around finishing it :v: o o o o o :smug:

If I stole your idea, I wasn’t supposed to do that. I never saw your idea, I never saw the Gamemode sections here… When I was at a friends house I thought: This would be a nice gamemode, so I started to write a topic.
If anyone knows a modeler, please let him contact to me in this topic.

We need another lua scripter. This one is not contactable because time zones.