[REQ] Repoman

Requesting model of this guy

Paying 60$ for this + 10$ for making it Playermodel with Civil Protection/Citizen skeleton

Its a thankless job, but someones got to do it.

It would be cool, but the only way I can see this getting done is major hacking and hexing of several models with lots of tweaks here and there.

The sniper elite v2 Germans have a good trench coat model, so does Max Payne. I have no idea how one could do the head though

Well, helmet is most awesome part of this costume

This one have a SMALL similarity with helmet

To me it looks like a BMX helmet mixed with a slightly tweaked Ushanka and LED’s in the helmet. Not entirely sure though.

Modeling this from scratch, 60 isnt much for the job.

I think someone DID make a model of this guy, except they never released it.

There ARE private/soon to be released models that have a very similar jacket. Maybe a hack can happen?

How much will be enough?

There is still a problem with a helmet

I may know a few similar looking helmets that can be modified to look like it.

Just a thought, there’s a very similar jacket on the bogeyman from Silent Hill Downpour. He’s not rigged, but the jacket on him is the closest thing I can think of at this moment.

The only problem I’m seeing is that hood he has, seeing as how the guy you want to replicate doesn’t wear a hood.
Here’s a link to the thread where you can find the unrigged Bogeyman

I don’t know, maybe it’s fixable, but his body looks so disproportionate