[REQ] Sleeping Dogs Gold 45. Cal

Hello i would really like it if somebody could get me this gun from sleeping dogs :stuck_out_tongue: if possible the non gold version would be nice too :stuck_out_tongue:

Can Sleeping Dogs even be ported from? I haven’t seen anything out of it, so I was assuming it wasn’t even possible. I mean, there’s a lot of unique looking characters, and it would be a great source for some actual Asian character models for source if it could be ported from.

And, y’know, that gold Desert Eagle the OP requested…

i will probably work on this when i get home.

apparantly your only able to rip textures from the game only
No meshes :frowning:


GTA 4’s teeth texture? What?

lawsuit lmao

Think you can rip a few of the sign textures while you are at it? They would be useful for mapping. (the Asian ones)

and (I haven’t played the game much) if there are dojo and tatami mat textures could you rip them aswell?


Holy shit. I just did a rip for myself to see if this texture was really in the game itself, and when I check the face texture = mind fucking blown, it is really from GTA 4.

Either it’s 2 things, some guy extracted it from GTA 4 using SparkIV/OpenIV for the lulz, or he/she worked with R* on that teeth texture and decided to also use it in Sleeping Dogs.

Either way, it’s really mindblowing. Oh and the fact that models don’t rip is true, although Sleeping Dogs leaves a neat little souvenir in the textures folder.