[REQ] U.S. Airborne with new heads / rig.

Good afternoon everyone.

You will probably shoot me in the face with thousand of guns but I’m here to do a request.

We got tons of U.S. Army models (like infantry divisions, Marines etc. ) but there’s a serious lack of Airborne (101st & 82nd, even Glider Infantry.)

I know there’s the “Medal of Honor : Airborne” and the “Brothers in Arms” ones (i got the two packs.) but they don’t have faceposing and the rigging is pretty… weird.

I tried to do something but… my god, that was pretty hardcore.

So I’d like to know if anyone would be okay to do some headhack on those models and to have a look a the weird rig.

Thanks guys.

Oh! Medal of Honor uses Unreal! That makes things incredibly easy.

Alright, ya talked me into it, I’ll add the Airborne to my to-port list.

EDIT: Nevermind, see below.

Yeah, thanks a lot Joe :slight_smile:

Would you say its so easy its unreal? :^)

I’m a disgrace to my ancestors.

Bad news. I’ve been informed that even though MOHA is on Unreal, Umodel does not support it.

Sorry guys, it ain’t happening.

Whoever told you it isn’t supported must be using a heavily outdated version, because it IS supported. Gildor’s site even has it listed as fully supported on the compatibility table.

Alright, let me install the game and we’ll settle this once and for all.

It does support it… but it doesn’t?


I tried extracting it, gave me nothing. I even tried extracting the Sherman as a test, it only gave me textures.

Apparently it only supports a tiny amount of things, and the Airborne isn’t one of them. Sorry guys, it’s just way too broken.

That’s strange…Gildor’s site says it has full support (even found a few threads in the forum that said it was fully supported). Maybe there’s just some other methods that have to be done to extract the meshes and textures together? I’ll see if I can find anything on this.

As i said, I still have the models that has been released. I can ask the author if it’s okay to rework them if you want.

You guys tried UE Viewer instead of Umodel?


Oh, it is UE Viewer. I’m certain that it worked for me with lder version. Try dragging the file and dropping it upon UE Viewer’s exe.

Nah, it won’t work. I need the original rigging to make it work properly, and besides, I bet they didn’t use the original heads either.

Âbout the rigging, i absolutely don’t know shit about that but by the look of the heads, i do think that they used the ones that was in the game.

I told you that it’s not supported.

Well it IS supported, just not 100%.

Eh, I’ll probably swap them out for Rising Storm heads anyway. Alright, send me the link.

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Good lord, who made these, they’re absolutely atrocious!

I’ll have to completely redo everything. It won’t be a priority and I still have university, so don’t expect these for quite a while.

Rising storm heads are monstrosities, the airborne heads are actually really good.

The Japanese heads are vomit-inducing, but the American ones are somewhat alright.

In any case, we’ll sort that out when we get there. Like I said, this will take a while.



It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I could do.

Oh shit those are neat, what’re they from?

wha… what? didnt you read?