[Reqest] DarkRP Levelling Drugplants, Leatherboards & Weapon Cache | Willing to Pay

**In darkrp’s f4 menu +new tab named: Unlockables **
They are like achivements. For example a unlockable called “Knife Maniac” which gives you perma knife (spawn with knife)
To unlock this, you have to sell 250 level 5 plants.

model models/items/ammocrate_smg1.mdl

This is a box spownable only for TEAM_GUN.
You can add money to the cache and if there is an ammount inside, you can purchase the rifles/guns.
You can set the owner of the cache. U can claim ownership and/or set “disalow another palyer to own it” as owner.
Cost / weapon other people buy goes to gundealer (100$)
mp5 990
famas 715
p90 1100
pump 770
xm1014 1600
sniper silenced 1540
grande: 999

I would pay someone to make this.

See, the problems here are:

  • Grammatical errors. (Noone thinks you will pay)
  • How much are you paying?
  • Not many people like to enhance darkrp. You should’ve asked for sents and then added them in yourself.

Yes . Im sorry for my english im from Hungary and im 20y old.
I can pay thru paypall my servers ip is:
Idono how mutch, cosue i never payed for scripts before.

Your first post was from America.

:expressionless: that can’t be. Im sitting in the middle of europe…
lol yes… i see that flag XD wtf. some ip bug of the site or idono.

What’s the highest amount you’d be willing to pay?

I would love to hear a price from somebodey my steam friends is:
as I said I never payed for scripts before so idono the price.
I have lot of other things to code on my server. Not just the theese.
I tried to talk to Falco but he just ignored me.