[REQUES] all contraptions,welds,props position, auto-saving script

Im looking for a simple script that works like perma props but it would save EVERYONES props/contraptions/etc each 3 minutes, and would reload it on the map load or when the player join, this would be great solution for loosing everything on a server crash…

Resuming, this would auto-save everything the player`ve done each 3 minutes, save it on a txt file, and reload it each time the player join the server(or maybe when the map loads again).

That would be the hell difficult and it would probably crash your server while saving…

snip : Epic fail was fail , all respect tot he guy above

This has been done with props and entities, but it can’t be done with contraptions.

If I remember correctly, it’s the whole constraint issue. If you attempted to save every single entity with all constraints to a text file every 3 minutes, the game would be un-playable. I’ve seen advanced duplications that literally take 30 seconds to save, otherwise the physics don’t set when you respawn it.

You’d be better off telling people to save often, or stopping your server from crashing often.