[Request] A few more console commands please...

Just basic stuff such as “connect”, “disconnect”, etc. Right now when you try to connect, and it doesn’t connect, you are stuck with no ability to disconnect from the server and try again or try another server. All you can do is completely close the program and start all over. It would be nice if we could get this functionality sooner rather than later (since alpha may take another 12 to 18 months). I’m not sure how much work it is (depends on how you are handling connections now) so I would understand if “sooner” is still like 4 months away, it would just be nicer than 8 months away (later).

As always, please feel free to critique my ideas as well as add onto them if you want.

the basic stuff you are asking for is there.

the connect command is even displayed in the very console you wish to use when it fails …

net.connect <IP>:<PORT>

also ‘quit’ will close the game

It would be nice to have auto complete, or help command in console by the way.

OH alright I didn’t realize it was “net.[connect/disconnect]”. Thanks, I’ll give it a try. A “help” command would be nice though. or a command to list all available syntax.

I did know “quit” exits.