Request a Gamemode

Go for it, I’m in the mood to start something. You’ll be credited for the idea if I pick one.

  • Can’t be a big or complex gamemode
  • I have to have interest
  • No roleplay

A massive multiplayer roleplay gamemode with RPG elements but also a strong focus on first player shooter strategies. And also some players should be able to have an RTS interface and build factories around the map.

e: And maybe factions like Zerg (uses Kleiner model) and Terran (uses Alyx model). Also players who aren’t in RTS mode should have access to a full inventory system and also a very in-depth crafting system that requires resource harvesting.

e2: Also a leveling system with something like the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system from Fallout.

I’d call that Big and Complex, Twoski. But else a realy nice idea (;

A chess gamemode, IN SPACE.

Really, it hasn’t been done and it has enough of a twist and a challenge.

Some sort of streamlined parkour gamemode where one team has to get from A to B and the other uses an array of weapons and upgrades to slow them down or stop them completely.
Maps could be simple designs, something along the lines of how mirrors edge maps look.

Or as said above, something like Battle Chess

What about Parkour Chess

That’s just silly.
You are silly.

Any others? Surely you guys are more creative than chess and parkour

A very simple team based CTF with descriptive variable names, proper commenting and 100% working flags.

Would help so many people out there if you did this, including me :).

A nice racing gamemode maybe?

You said simple, Anyway.

Remake Atom Zombie Smasher or something, But have it so the mercenaries are players.
So it starts off with one as the evac heli.

Melee fight gamemode. with crits and shit like in TF2

I suggest roleplay.

That chess gamemode sounds nice. Would be good integrated to fretta.
Heres my basic idea of how it would work.

  • Every player is in a “lobby” of some sorts when they spawn, They may walk around and challenge players to games. If the other person accepts the challenge they are both pitted in a chess match.

  • For each match Some text and a button should appear in the lobby that says something along the lines of “Thelurker1234 VS. Insertnamehere” People in the lobby can walk up and spectate.

  • maximum games at one time depends on the map.

  • Players just play eachother until the server says its time to vote for a new gamemode

-There is a server-set time for how long you have to make your move as to stop people just wasting everyones time.

  • The server maps would have different looking chess boards and pieces.
    I do not mean that the boards would change from 8x8, or the pieces would have 2 queens or things like that. I mean that their appearances would be different.

I suppose thats the basic idea I had.
You tell us to be creative. But you have to admit this would be some fun


What if people were given levels and they increase their level through winning games. They start on basic maps with fewer chess pieces (chess doesn’t have to have the exact configuration as regular chess) and the higher levels are given hundreds of pieces to create more of an army.

It would introduce sort of an ‘rpg’ feel to a classic logic game of chess.

Just a thought.

It’s raining balls! Colored balls fall from the sky or some sort of volcano/cannon on the map. At the beginning of each round the player is given a random color out of maybe 6 colors. Every time the player collects a ball of that color they get 2 color points, if they get any other ball they lose 1 color point. First person to x amount of color points wins, the winning amount (x) should scale based on how many players there are. To make this interesting the players could have some sort of weapon, maybe a gravgun, or a gun that can shoot bursts of air pushing everything away from it.

JailBreak ?

volleyball. somehow it’s never been fucking done

make a drag racing gamemode with realistic cars with gears/shifting and so you can open the hood and put in new parts.

that’s not simple but it’d be cool, seems like something sakaras88 or w/e would make.

Deathmatch Gamemode.

Custom Player,Purchase Upgrade,Skills,Clothes (Realistic Soldier Uniform,And Purchase more thing…)
Level System,When Pressing Tab See your currect level.

Store,To buy everything. (before the match starting)
Save weapons,and everything.

Nice Vgui…
and its awesome gamemode…

this has been made atleast 1,000 times that’s stupid.