Request a map for me to node

If anyone likes a map but you want it to be noded just tell me the map and I will node the map then upload it :slight_smile: I have experiance with adding nodes into maps ( ). I can node the map to tell the npcs where to go, make them open doors, jump down from ledges, jump across gaps and make them jump up a ledge. If you want me to also fix small errors in the map just tell me and I will se what I can do :smiley:

Note: If the map has costome textures I will have to change them because they will not appear. Also, maps may not decompile some textures that are not costom so expect a few minor texture changes. If a the link that you send me to looks like a virus I will not download it (I can never be to care full).

Any ground npcs can use the jump nodes even costom npcs :smiley: Even the T-Rex npc or Antlion Gaurds XD

lol I would send you a map if I was good at map making but its pretty being able to node these maps can you tell me how to do it please?

lol, k

Nodes tell where ncps should go in hammer they are info_node. For example: if you are in a building with a window in front and way in from the back without nodes the npc will simply shoot at you and stop when they dont see you. If there are nodes they will just shoot at you but when you hide from them after the npc afterit has seen you it will follow the nodes and go around the building through the back door and shoot at you. Nodes are hints that you place in a path that the npcs will follow. if there is an open feild with no nodes they will fust follow you then stop when you get to far. If you place node everywhere they will never stop following you. If you want you can place nodes in a field in a zig-zag pattern and they will follow the nodes rather than going straght.

I will send you a link to a tutorial map that I will soon upload about how to make the npcs jump down or up from ledges. :slight_smile:

This is off topic but to make your map look better I will tell you how to make the good breakable glass :smiley: make a box as thin as possable and browse “glass 70” and choose the clear texture and make it the texture for the box. Then select the toggle texture application tool and select one side then browse the “nodraw” texture. Press ctrl + T when the entire box is selected and select “funk_breakable_surf”. All of the options should be what they should be. :slight_smile: This is where I learned how to do it :smiley:

what does node mean?

It is an entity in hammer that allows you to tell npcs where they need to go. Gm_construct and gm_bigcity are noded. They are pretty much just hints for the npcs. :slight_smile:

Can you do air and strider nodes? I don’t know if those are any different

I can do air nodes but i’m not sure about strider nodes but it won’t be that hard to learn. Gm_construct has strider nodes and I can just see how that map was noded. Thats how I leaned how to make the npcs jump down from ledges. :smiley:

wtf is hammer?

I rate you box.
It’s a map editor for Source.

lol this fourm is compleatly off topic XD

Dumb idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I know the maze under the map is noded, but I don’t think the rest is. Many thanks if you can get this for me. Oh and this download has a day and night version, so if you only do one, do the night version please.

You do realize that decompiling fucks up your brushwork pretty bad, and lowers compile times/framerates due to original data loss when compiled to BSP, right? Half of the decompiler is “guessing” where the backside of brushes are, etc.

Can’t you add nodes in game? Or was that nav graphing for CS: S I’m thinking about.

Hey, im working on the town of perfection from the tremors movies for J-Dude and i was hoping you could node it when its done? Thx for your patience.

I can make a map for you to node. :smiley: But do you have episode 1 and/or 2? If not, I’m fine with it.

o.O lol I started this thread so long ago and never looked at it XD
I’ll do gm_buttes but i’m focusing my own map right now because my mapping doesn’t suck anymore XD
i’ll tell you when the map is noded but for now my new(ish) map that is competly differant from any other map :smiley:
Enjoy :slight_smile:

Node The CS:S maps :smiley:


lol, wow good idea :smiley: