[Request] a RolePlay mod? High skilled coding,

Hallo FP

Whats it about:
i have in a long time wanted to create my own RP mod but i dont have time for it and i really dont idther think i can do it all so what i need is a roleplay mod and a sercuity scirpt of some kind

what i can offer:

Super admin on the Server(maybe even servers)
maybe be an admin for a gmod community
and money ( we are not talking high payment like 200-300$

contact me on christofferlarsen5700@hotmail.com
to hear my ideas and such

my rule are

You dont ever realease it to any odther Person

you dont help anyone else to crack the sercurity of the server

No one ?

I can tell from your spelling and your inability/unwillingness to pay a proper sum for a lot of work that nobody will help you.

Quoted for truth. Nobody wants to work for som1 whu speiks laik dis and getting admin on server as payment.

For us, getting admin on your server is like getting a coupon for a store in China. We’ll never use it.

Haha, this.

If you would be doing something yourself too im sure people would love to help you , after all… i dont think people are attracted by the offer you’re making

rofl if they make their own rp , they are going to have owner and super admin and wont give it to u

P.S : my english suck im french :S

nah, your english is pretty good :stuck_out_tongue: