Request a Train Model Thread!

I’m back again. I will take FIVE REQUESTS! at a time and will list them out in posts here. Thanks! TRAINS ONLY ><

Only trains? dam i guess you could always work on a subway train? with enterable interior, the half life 2 one is getting rather old.

I’ll see what I can do. I’m in Wenatchee for Thanksgivin, so nothin will be done till Monday at the earliest.

Wow a London Underground train would be amazing

Ok, that makes 2. Subway train and London Underground train.

BEAR IN MIND I may not be able to do these. I can only produce models for GMOD if they’ve been made for my train simulator by someone else.

Which train simulator is it? I can get you the links to models.

Trains should be good to make cars

What are you talking about, elcidop?

Ben, I have the sim, I know where to look.

I know, but what sim do you use anyway. I’m just interested.


Ah. I use Auran Trainz 2006, but I’m getting 2009 the moment it comes out ^.^

So far, we have WWII trains, an MTBA subway train, and, requested in another thread…something else…let me go find that lol

Do the trains from Abe’s exodus count? Because they look kickin’ rad

Unfortunately, unless someone decided to model those in my sim, I can’t help you…Sorry.

Actually, this just occurred to me. If you can get me the files for them (unless they’re just textures on the backdrop or something) I MIGHT be able to convert them. NO GUARANTEES!

Also, the current list still stands at:

WWII trains (requested elsewhere)
MTBA subway train (requested elsewhere)
London subway train (requested here)

Any more? Remember, only FIVE at a time. Hurry and get your requests in!

WWII trains as in world war 2?

Yar, that’s right. Steamers are hard for me to convert, but I recently figured out how to directly modify the model. I’ll see what I can do.

how about the flying scotsman? that’s a very historical train,first steam engine to reach 100Mph

Soviet trains! huge, dirty, dusty, rusty, ugly, scary, noisy, ground shaking, beautiful soviet trains!

don`t you just smell the delicious diesel aroma?

Why a London Underground train when we can use a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train?

One of the train sets from the 2200-3200 era trains and all the train cars are now gray.

So trains with guns? Cool.