Request a tutorial!

Alright, so I want to know what you people need for tutorials. If I can do it I will make it A.S.A.P when I have the time, and post it for all of you.

So what do you guys want most? Could be something very basic, or something very complex (If it is very complex I will do it how I do it. May not be 100% optimized but it will work, if I know how to do it)

Thought this would be a better idea than making a tutorial of something people don’t need. So I wanted to see what the people need/want.

Basically, you request a tutorial I will make it for you.

Examples of my work

examples of some tutorials I have made:

Tutorials going to be made:

- Custom Sprites
- Train System
- env_wind

How to create custom detail sprites. The damn vavle wiki is too complicated for me.

Make one on how to make a train system, complete with curves, switches, and signaling.


using paths and func_tracktrain


Whats hard about it?

Place some ropes, put it in, and compile, you will see what it does.

How to create 3 plane clips

Adding particles for maps.

Not for me, but for those who want it.

Tonemap controller?

How to make pretty color correction?

TH3_L33T, for gods sake please make an advanced displacement creation guide. Anything from cliffs, to terrain, to mountains, to just making them look good. I beg you!

Search displacements in the top bar.

The only other thing you need to know is for making rolling country side the trick is making your landscape out of many 1024x1024 power 3 displacements and using a high radius (256+) and a low distance (1-5). Might take a while but the results are great.

Yea I’ve read all those tutorials, I’m trying to learn how to make things like:

Combine the tutorial with making cliffs and the sub-division tutorial on a high density mesh (512x512 power 4 perhaps?) and play around a bit.

Can’t expect someone to hold your hand the whole way, you need to try things out for yourself and see what things do and how you can implement them yourself.

Oh come on, this is ask for a tutorial thread, not contradict what other have asked for.

Why request what already exists?

How to configure HDR correctly so it wouldn’t blind you (with tonemap controllers and stuff).

From another thread: