[Request] Airdrop

Hey guys, im here to suggest to dev team a thing that i found it really nice to put in game. My suggestion is tu change the difference between the normal airdrops(automatic or spawned by comands) and the airdrops called by an supply signal. I found this needed because i was on a server that i dont know if are normal or supply drop, because so muhc airdrops fall in the same zone. I know this is so a small thing that dev ill never see it but i have something to say:

With the small things we MAKE BIG THINGS.

Thx, ah and i still waiting for the week update :slight_smile:

Why do they need to be different? What should be different about them?

I’m just not sure what you’re getting at…

there will still be a bunch of people waiting for airdrops to land, regardless of their difference

He wants to know/see the difference between random and player spawned airdrops more clearly.

I would rather see them implement a flare or smoke bomb on the airdrops. Some of these airdrops land and nobody can find them. Maybe if a supply box hasn’t been touched for 5 minutes after landing it could automatically fire a flare or pop a smoke at the top of it to let people find it.