Request: All l0nk models that were once on the site


First post.

So there (was) a site for models for GMOD (specifically STH models, but with one or more extras thrown in.)

It was:

But they closed down a while ago.
So far, these models have not been reuploaded.

It would be a huge help if someone on the forums who indeed has the models created a download link for all of these models. (Best choice is on a site like MEGA)
This problem may not only apply to me.

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: there is more than one source on the site.

The other one I have info on:

Adding these ones (if they’re not the same) is optional.

Bump, since this thread shouldn’t be thrusted into obscurity.
A man needs his models.

(This practice may be repeated more than once.)

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Well then,

I decided to endure the ~600 pages of to find these.
And I did!

(Including the one excluded model not in the workshop addon for this.)

Get it here

Update: Added original textures for one of the models (A)

Get her here: