Request and issue with models.

Hi. I need help. Long ago I downloaded a batch of models from L4D. There are a lot of cool items, but some do not work correctly. These, for example:
These models are black and pink.
Does anyone of you could improve it? On one of the maps I found it very cool stuff, here they are: Slippers Iron Ironing Board
Can you convert it on props?
In the picture with a bathrobe, you can see in the background, cool tiles on the wall. Can somehow get this material?
I would be very grateful. Forgive me for the “English”. (Is the subject is in a good section?)


You mean bump, and I’m pretty sure you can use gm_mount 2 to get these models if you have Left 4 Dead

I got the iron and board. My stoves works properly, but i still need something.

I can’t mount slippers :frowning:

You call a bathrobe and a towel “slippers”?

Fact: when he called them slippers, I laughed so hard that I nearly forgot to tell him about the wonders of gm_mount2.

Sorry, i don’t speak English, Can anyone help me?