(Request) Armored Chest Storage Box Or Safe

Armored Chest Storage Box Or Safe

I like to see if it could be a little more dressy, in the bases like Added more Things?

here an image of a old safe , that could be the same size as the wooden cupboard


Here a Wooden storage chest could replaced by Metal or HQM


You know what, thats a really good idea! I’m amazed no one has thought of it before! It should say need c4 or maybe a special type of focused charge specific to breaking in to that box.

True wooden chests are ok but, the code locks on them are useless thats way i requested these ,that could have more uses on code lockets on other items such as these. and maybe more HP for them…i.e

That would be cool. And easy to implement.

I think this is a good idea. Its a very simple thing to do as well.

Yup, it’s very good idea.

Actually like this, it makes sense with how Rust is shaping up.

Easy way to break in the chests gonna be breaking the floor under it.

I remember that if you break a chest you only get half the loot, dunno if that actually worked or if they only talked about it.

Great point! items take fall damage if its guns i would say yes! little damage if its one floor above , any more would cause more damage do to the height of item guns fall! durability

Its odds between getting everything and half … so if you have 4 items you could get 2 3 or all 4 of the items

great idea it would fit well into rust

Yeah, I guess the best would be if the boxes don’t break after destroying the floor or foundation under it instead they should fall down and of course you should be able to pick em up, carry em home and lockpick em.

I think they also mentioned this a bit ago.

EDIT: I really want to see someone getting crushed by a falling safe.