[Request] Assassin´s Creed Characters

Look, all i want is a good altair and the old ezio from AC:Revelations, also, Desmond and the ezio with the raiden suit. But No one cares about AC, or more ragdolls about the game, I do not understand the reason why nobody cares about it, someone pay atention please

That’s kind of an ignorant post

It’s like saying I don’t care about BF3 just because I’m not trying to find out ways to rip from it and putting shit into gmod

You must have not been looking quite enough to realize there are quite a few models of AC. There’s quite a lot from AC: Brotherhood that has been done, but I guess you’re too lazy to use google(Only saying that because blue members can’t use the search function anymore.)



If those models aren’t “good” enough for you, then I suggest you try learning how to port things, and learn to do things yourself.

Thanks a lot, but i´ve got this ragdolls on my gmod, but thanks for your commentary

Wow wait, what? So you say people dont care about it because people arent constantly pumping stuff out?

Really dude?

You are the reason why people don’t port stuff like that.

You’re not welcome.

Please, tell me, how are those models not any good? The Desmond model is perfectly fine, as well as the others, even though they’re not what you wanted.

Do you know what people have to go through when porting things and such? Do you think it’s something you can easily do, like load up the game, drag the model into a 3D modeling program and click a button that says “Port to Garry’s Mod”?

It’s not easy at all buddy. You say no one cares about the game or try getting any models from it, but you don’t realize that many people have tried. It’s not something easy. I’d like to see you try and port something from a game with no problems, and have the model look fine.

all I want with this is to put more stuff from AC: Revelations, only that, im not trying to make anger anyone.

You’re being incredibly rude with your request.


If anything opens with this, the intentions are to always sound negative.

Yeah well tough shit cause you ain’t getting jack

You know, this is rather condescending. If you want anything, I would not suggest saying something as rude as this. Try being a little more polite in the future, and then maybe people would actually port something you’ve requested. Until then, don’t expect very much.