Request Ban!!!

I am reporting “mre1997 (qr8) (TFB)” and “gunman” for hacking 10 C4.

Story- I were at my base when a guy killed me and i raided him for stealing my stuff. And then someone raided those guys base and the guy we (me and brunosmartinho) raided start saying that were us who raided them. Not even a minute passed we 2 goed offline and came back 16:46 minutes later we logged in and we were raided by them we ad 5 metal doors so 10 Explosive Charges totally impossible to get without someone gigving to them (2 peopole online [only them]) or hacking.

(User was banned for this post ("Didn't read the rules" - MaxOfS2D))

Sorry I don’t see the proof, not that I have the power to ban anyone (or even banana them). Actually I don’t think anyone on these forums have the power to in-game ban someone (or even banana them). Get ahold of your server admin maybe he will shadow them?