Request - BattleGrounds 2 screens

Im sorry for requesting. Ive looked everywhere and either there arent any or I looked in the wrong place. I am looking for BattleGrounds 2 screenshots and poses. I do not have GMod so I cannot make my own. I was hoping maybe someone has done some before or if anyone here is really bored and would like to help me.

This is for a new league we added to the UWFL located here:

Thank you

If you don’t have gmod or are getting it, why are you on these forums?

Because there is a lot of good material created here and I enjoy looking at it.

How about you search “Battlegrounds” into the search field and see what comes up first.

I have. First thing I did naturally. Im not one of those people too lazy to do anything. I swear if I had GMod Id do these myself and share them. This game is completely new to me but from what I can find right now, there are hardly any images out there to work with. And I seriously doubt anyone here will help because honestly BG2 is TINY. But, figured Id ask and see if anyone just happened to have seen some before where I havent looked or if they actually have the game and feel like doing them.

Ive searched:

The main page for BG2
Steam page for it

The only reason why some people don’t make BG2 scenes is usually because the models made by their devteam sucks, and many of the uniforms are usually lackluster, and the faces are flat

And they are impossible to pose.

I could just replace their phy models and try and add some detail to their skins, but I really can’t be arsed.