[Request] Bed Model for my map

I’m looking for someone to make me a decent quality model of a modern bed. It should be quite low-poly, as there are going to be about 4 in each room in my map. It’ll be used in the living quarters for more important members of a Mars colony.

Description: It should be a single-person bed, similiar to this, but not as wide.
Dimensions: (in hammer units) should be something around 100 long and 64 wide.
Important information: Include a Collision model, UV map and an Ambient Occlusion texture. No need for a texture, I can do that myself. I’d really like if you could compile the model for Source engine, too!
Rewards: No money. :frowning: But you’ll be credited in your map, and you can suggest me some easter egg regarding you for the map.


Here’s a conversion table of Hammer units, use that to change your settings in your 3D Modelling program.

The bed should similiar to this:

Postal III has a bed model like that in three sizes.

I have some bed models. Let me take a look

E: could i just give you a .max file or do you need me to do everything for you