[Request] BFBC2 Muzzle Flash

Could anyone help me obtain the muzzle flashes of Battlefield Bad Company 2? They look pretty awesome to me and would look great it CSGO or other games.

I’ve tried NinjaRipper, DX Ripper DX and IntelGPA and extracting the main files, but I can’t seem to find the real deal.
Nor have I an idea if its a model or just sprite.

I have been looking into the xml files of BFBC2 and I see paths in there that lead to other xml files (originaly dbx)

Check the muzzle in this video , better to play it at 0.25 eventhough its already slowmotion

or if anyone knows a “hack” to hide the weapon and record the muzzle on a black background or something ingame?

Any help is appreciated !