[REQUEST] Binkw32.dll big problem!

Hi, guys, nice forums :slight_smile:

this is the problem, i have installed the GMod 11 but when i run it appear a screen that says Binkw32 Problems, well, i have downloaded a binw32 file of internet, but that dont works and appear a screen that says _binksetmemory@8 or something, if someone can upload the file called binkw32.dll that is on the bin folder, please, thanks

EDIT: Sorry for my bad english, im chilean

Delete the file and it’ll be replaced when you load gmod.

yes, id do it, but dont works :l, if you have gmod installed please upload the binkw32.dll file on the bin folder of your garrys mod, please, thanks

Do you have steam?

I bet he doesn’t. Steam WILL replace any files you delete from the steamapps/username/game folders.