Request - Biome Control Via Map Seed Configuration

I’m hoping to keep this simple while trying to get the spirit of the idea through. I was thinking it could be pretty rad if somehow in the map seed an admin can control how large the biomes are in game. For example if the first 3 numbers of a seed represented the 3 biomes and their ratio was based on a 0-9 scale it could impact how the map is structured. The numbers after the first 3 would be the physical layout of the map.

First number would be desert
Second number would be snow
Third number would be forest

For example:

If I were to use a seed that was: 5551550 it would be an even balance of desert, snow, and forest on the current layout that seed 1550 provides

However if I were to use seed: 1151550 there would be a higher ratio of forest and a lower ratio of desert and snow

And If I were to use a seed that was 0051550 the entire map would be covered in forest

A seed of 0001550 (or 3 equal first numbers) would just run the default seed config for the map

It’s an extremely rough idea, but I have to say I like the idea to allow a little more control of the procedural system.


decent idea would be nice to have control over the spawn point too.

This is why there will be sdk, map maker, and custom maps. Would be easier, to have a ton of options according to generation of the maps, and leave the seeds be as they are.