Request: Bloody Trapland (Props, Characters)

Hi-llo everyone. Any of you know about the game Bloody Trapland?:

I figured you did. :v: I was wanting to do something in Gmod for it, but, as expected, no one has made any models. I was wondering if someone would be interested in making ragdolls or any other models from the game for Gmod? I would make love to you so much if you did this. And it would be great.

Your happiness/scaredness/WTFness aside, if anyone would model and export the characters from the game or any props, you would be awesome. Thanks! :smile:

Oh look. Another 2D indie game with “retro” graphics.

I didn’t figure so many would be asshats to me. I just figured if someone was willing to make the models if they would release them. But since everyone seems to hate the idea, never mind then. I thought it was a good idea for those who want a challenge and would be nice enough to do it. After all, many 2d games also get Gmod models made by people, and even thought they are more well known, they are usually indie as well. And this game is slowly getting more attention.

But nah. Never mind, since everyone seems to hate the aspect of just my idea.

It’s not that anyone hates your idea, it’s that for starters, custom models can be hard as shit to make, second, rigging ragdolls is a complicated task, even worse when they’re built from scratch, and third, transitioning 2D sprites to 3D models is, once again, hard.

Combine all three and this and you get an insanely hard to make pack of models nobody will even care about because of how obscure the source is.

I have only seen ONE person with enough guts to transition 2D sprites to 3D, make them from scratch and rig them as ragdolls, and the main motivator was the popularity of the source.

Yeah, I know, and I’m not really mad at anyone, and I know they don’t dislike my idea and that this is hard. I just figured maybe someone would be willing to help. But as far as everyone who’s responded, they just act like I’m a complete faggot and move on. -_- I understand it would be hard, and I am willing to wait as long as I can for someone to be willing to make these. But the more people just flame without any helpful information, the more I remember why I hate humanity.

Thanks for not being a ass, I appreciate it. And I apologize for my comment up top, acting like everyone here is just a jerk. If anyone still would like to, I would appreciate it. If you’re going to tell me why you would think this is a bad idea, tell me why about the models, don’t just say that the game is shit and that be your reasoning. But yeah, anyone willing to help, thanks.

I figure now though no one cares, and I understand. Hopefully this game gains enough popularity soon. It’s slowly growing.