Request/buying commission or something

Hello. Please pardon me if I missed a thread/section or something, but I am not entirely sure where to post this.

I am looking for both a kind of simple model (I think) for Garry’s Mod. I could try to sketch something up later on when I’d know if this was possible, but right now I’ll describe it.

The model would wear a dark grey hoodie (I guess that’d have to be made by the one who did this project since I don’t know if there is a model of this) with the hoodie on his head, and this (or any, just to save time) gasmask equipped:

And then pants I guess, and maybe some details. Please do note, this was a shitty description just so you could get a kind of view what would have to be done, and if someone took on the project I’d attempt to sketch something up in order for you to get a good view on my idea. I guess if you’d do this as a request I’d be happy, but I don’t know if this would be done, so I am willing to negotiate on a price as long as it’s not too much. I can pay in tf2 items and paypal money.
Thanks in advance.

So you basically want a CSGO SAS guy, but black.

Yeah, but with like, much more casual clothing. Not all of that heavy combat gear. Kevlar vest at most.