[Request] Can somebody PLEASE port the TTT Teleporter SWEP

If someone ported the TTT Teleporter SWEP it would be awesome and if you want you can also port the Rifle but you don’t have to do that one.
Yep, Everybody does not want to do anything for me… Guys, I am dead serious right here I want someone to port them.

I guess nobody likes me :frowning:

Is this what you mean?

We will see.

Removing my other “Ported” TTT Sweps, They failed bad D:

Do you just want the ability to use the teleporter? Shouldn’t be too hard to rip it from TTT.

If you think so then try it.



Enjoy :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

No problem! Does everything work how you want it to? I tried keeping it the same as TTT had it.

Yes it works fine. I did not even expect the “outline” to work when you teleport.

Yeah that wasn’t too hard to find inside the gamemode. Glad you’re happy with it. :slight_smile:

If you have time (If it is even possible) could the visualizer be ported somehow? It would be neat, maybe find a camper or review my snipes?