Request - Can The Stability System Get Some Love Please?

Choppers are awesome, new rad towns are sick, ProcGen is coming along sweet but the stability system needs a lot of love IMO. I don’t know where it falls in the roadmap but I’d love to see it get worked on sometime soon. It’s a real bummer as a builder when things suddenly and randomly lose stability for what seems like no reason. So keep up all the kick ass work but hopefully at some point in the near future the stability system will get another pass :slight_smile:

rotate wall, house explodes. rust.

The only issue I have with stability is that it doesn’t recalculate stability when you add new pillars or walls.
But as soon as one pillar or wall gets destroyed or whatever the stability does gets recalculated.

After 1~2 attacks you’ll have to rebuild your entire base because the roof won’t stay up. :frowning:

I have the same “problem”. Especially when you use either the big stairs - or even worse, the small U or L shaped. It really fucks up the stability and it does not really matter if you put walls around them or not.

I really like the new stuff that is coming in, but i feel like sometimes i wish the stuff that is already in gets some more love, and i don’t mean new or changed skins, i mean the very basics of functionality. Even in alpha. I might misjudge the effort that they already put into bugfixing and balancing, but its just the way i feel right now.

Yeup stability could use an update. sometimes its just unrational…