Request - Car save system using SQL.

It would be nice, to have such a system. And I think many other members are interested in this as well.
I’ve seen a system like this on some very nice gamemodes, although, I can’t recall which.

It was basically a Derma menu, where you could select a car and buy it. And it got saved onto your SteamID(not sure), so everytime you logged in. The derma menu showed you, what vehicle(s) the player had bought in the past, and you could spawn that/those particular vehicle(s).

I’ve been trying to do this myself, but I quickly found out I have way too little knowledge to actually make something like this. So that pretty much forces me to request this onto the facepunch forum, to see if any other members are trying to get this working or have something like this working already.

I’m still interested to try and make this myself, but with no examples and no experience in SQL or any other database systems. It’s going to take me a very long time.