Request: Carry bodies

Just a thought I would throw out there.

This game is buggy, which is fine, it is still fun - the bugs however often end in DC’s at incredibly inconvenient times, like when you gear up to go on a raid, and DC in the middle of nowhere with all your hard earned kit.

Either that ends in a random killing you off while you sleep, getting eaten by an animal - Or the crux of my idea, having a team mate watching your body for 20 min while you try get back in.

Wouldnt it be an awesome addition to the game if another person could pick up your body and move you to safety? Or add a level of fun to the new prison system by letting you collect bodies and put them in your cells?

Prison cells are useless right now though, when confronted, people run or fight, there is no capture.

I imagine we will get a bunch of fun stuff like rope, lasso’s, gags, buttplu-… Ductape…

Prison Tutorial: Build Prison cells 1x1. -> Build a Sleepingbag -> Rename it “Base, Bed, Airfield, Dome” -> give the sleepingbag an active doushbag and wait l 1 Hour later you have a full prison with a bag for the hole server

If that carrieng give a movement speed reduction yes

I know this dosnt work for common players, but I usually just do a force tp directly to me, if someone isnt behaving accordingly.

Make a trap.
Simple trap, 3X3 squares around a 1X1 prison cell.

Put one ladder up top, and leave a door. Have building blocked.

Person jumps in. You remove the surrounding blocks. Now you have a prisoner.

This would be cool. It would definitely go along with the new prison cells.

On the server I play on someone got bored and built a prison complex in the water and gave every regular player a bag named Home - the prison included an exercise yard built with chain link fence panels