[request] Cinematic Physics Portal 2

Sry if im on the wrong topic

I was following this tutorial

I downloaded the demo of Rayfire but it dont instal correcly on my 3d max 2010 ( yh its cracked but its for personal use anyway, i dont have 3000$ to spend on something like that)

I want to build some kind of fake floor then destroying it to see this part. To destroy it, i want to make the screen shaking then a large harden steal beam pass through the ceiling and the wall (second pic) down to this pit and a lots of debris falling in this hole …


This is the ceiling (work in progress)

I will change the ceiling to make possible a large beam to pass through the ceiling, the wall and the floor it will show the outside of the map and i hope it will amaze the peoples who are playing

Here you can download the map and check it out

thanks for help