Request: Clickable URL's

Could you please add clickable URL’s into the User Client please for chat messages.

This would really help users visit posted web addresses!

P.s. If you could provide Plugin developers a method of calling open the Steam GUI Web browser as well that would be helpful!!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

hell no. imagine all the server ip/blog/porn links that would be spammed in game. it’s bad enough how many people post links in global chat without being able to click the links.

It can already be done…

Could you elaborate on that please?

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Minecraft has had this feature for ages, and that isn’t an issue.

minecraft does not have rust players. have you met the people here and in game?

You know, that’s a double edged sword. On one hand, it could be very useful. But on the other, considering the personality type of many Rust players, I just cringe to think of the links to horrible things that would be posted.

Having 4½ of Even Online experience under my belt, I’ve seen so many things posted in local chat that can never be unseen… Haven’t played Eve in 2 years and those images haunt me still…

I must be playing on some very civilised servers in comparison then ha ha :smiley:

Only because clickable links aren’t allowed. :smiley:

Dunno, why people always take these melting pots of american and russian players where 2000 players are online. We, the smaller nationalities have really polished, and fun national servers. There is also factions.

Lets take in that option, and the people who play on trashpiles, its their fault. Or just be smart, and make it optional.