[Request]Client side Zoom

Okay so i know about the limited worthless suit zoom, and the worthless camera.
Neither of these two are of any help.

I seek a little simple client side mod/addon which allows me to have 3 levels of zooming, while still able to use tools and weapons.
Zoom levels would be neat if they could be changed by the user.

Pressing a button, like V, would switch to zooming mode, pressing it again turns it off.
While in the zoom mode, once can use another button to change to a new zoom level (3 zoom levels total)

I know of that in some games, setting “FOV” can imitate zooming, but sadly not in Gmod.

However, if there is a console command to set fov/zoom, then i could just make a few .CFG files and gain this simple feature.

So i hope there is someone out there able either tell me the console commands, OR make a little script like this.

There is one on garrysmod.org

toggle_zoom is good enough

alias +tzoom “toggle_zoom”
alias -tzoom “toggle_zoom”
bind keyofyourchoice +tzoom
bam, suit zoom that allows you to fire when using a weapon

Oh, cool, thanks!