[Request] CoD: Black Ops Wehrmacht Models ported to Gmod as Playermodels?

Can someone port the Call of Duty: Black Ops models to Garry’s Mod? The arctic ones. As playermodels, if possible. Would be appreciated.

( Sorry for posting a different request today also, not sure if that’s against the rules or not )


Found models. Now someone just needs to port them as playermodels in Gmod, if possible.

Why do people want player models so freaking much? The only thing that happens is that you look diffrent? Really? Its not useful in any way, and I understand why modelers does not take the time to do them since they are completley useless and waste of time to do.

Perhaps he is using them for a game mode . Moot point all the same.

Er… This was a bit ignorant, no offense. It’s not just “to look different”. I am going to be using for a Perp server.

Oh, well that explains it. Sorry if I came off like a dick man.

I can make it into a playermodel if you rig it on the Valve biped; I’m not familiar with how to re-rig between bone structures.

You don’t even have to re-rig, if the skeletons are similar you can just rename the bones. That what I did for the Sleeping Dogs models.

I’ve tried working with the COD models before; I know that COD 4 and 5 have very different skeleton structures.

Even if they’re different they’re still bipeds, it should still work if you fiddle with it a bit.

I could probably port the entire thing myself if the textures weren’t confusing as heck.

This is Black Ops ( CoD7 ), not CoD5.

I know, I’m saying that I have worked with COD models before and they’re very different. They wouldn’t just radically change the skeleton between COD 5 and 7 :v:

Oh, okay. Sorry for that!

I take it you’re the one who I talked to on steam? :smile: I’ll probably have some time tomorrow.

Isn’t it supposedly true that you can rename the bones to ValveBiped and delete extra ones. I thought this was true especially for UE3 stuff and quick port jobs?

Yes, I most likely am. And thank you!

Er… Did it go well?

Forgot all about this, was caught up in school work.
Now I know what he means about the textures :o so much…

Ah. Which one of you are on Steam again? I asked a few people.

I’ve never worked with CoD player models before, but if they are anything like the arm rig bones they haven’t changed since CoD2. I can still use CoD4 arms on CoD Ghosts weapons because they haven’t changed the bone structure at all in any of the games.