Request: Compile Earth


I made a model the other day, but i did not seem to get it Compiled into Hammer or even make a mdl, file out of it.

So i’am asking if one of you nice people could compile this .smd file for me, so i can map with it.
Because mine just totally fails and i’m sick of trying.


[del]I’ll give it a shot.[/del]

Jeezus, that texture is colossal.
You should try looking around, i’m sure someone has a decent Earth model.

Thing is i am making a map for SB (Bit late but w/e). I fixed the Model compile Issue but now, i got a problem with the texture on it. i’m very certain i did it right in XSI, but the texture wont appear on the model.(IS IT THE SIZE ? 4000x4000) Does it have something to do with the texture’s VMT ? (If so can i please get an example of a VMF texture code ? Thx )

EDIT: I try’d everything already, just so tired of doing this.

Texture should be a power of 2. 512x512 1024x1024 2048x2048 4096x4096 etc