(REQUEST) Counter Strike: Global Offensive Ragdoll's

Hello, i need the Ragdoll’s from CS:GO portered over to Garrysmod or Counter Strike: Source. If anyone can than thanks!
Picture -

Yeah, the most recent ones have Black Helmets and a Black Vest. I had other ST6 guys from CS:GO. But they look ugly and the textures are a tad bit too stretched!

Gmod 13 will be able to mount CSGO. Just wait.

Been waiting for quite a few months. If Half-Dead got those other guys, that why not ST6?

CS:GO Beta was released on August 14, The game’s release is in August 21.

You were not waiting for quite a few months.

Actually no, the beta had been out since before August 14th. I got it back in in either late June or early July when one of my clan mates had a spare key for the closed beta, but it had been going since at least a month or two before then. My guess would be that they had the beta before it became a semi-open beta on the 14th and fully released on the 21st. If they had happened to get the beta during that time period, that would be about correct in terms of how long they waited.

Lol, i had the beta for 7 Months. Can we get back to the point of porting the Seal Team 6 guys!?

Just listen to what ColossalSoft said and be patient. GMod 13 will be able to mount CS:GO soon enough, so just sit tight for now. Other than that, I think this might be able to hold you over for now.

Yeah, that’s exactly what i did NOT want lol. They look pointy in random areas and they look sretched.

It might not be exactly what you want, but that’s as good as it gets for now. Until GMod 13 is capable of mounting CS:GO, or until someone goes back and re-rips the models from CS:GO, that’s what you’ve got to work with for the time being. They might not be perfect, but it’s better than nothing at all.

Ahh, well. How long do you think it is before HPE/Valve pull there heads outta there ass and get working on it lol?

Neither Valve or Hidden Path Entertainment will be working on mounting CS:GO into GMod. That’s all up to Garry, unless I’m mistaken.


just wait dude,Taggart is working on them.

Ah ok. How long was he working on them?

He hasn’t started working on them yet as far as i know, but he’s planning to.

Just wait and they’ll come eventually.

I hope you know Valve is not the developer of Garrysmod.

No he has




he means I haven’t started on the ST6 yet

which I haven’t

My god, those are nice. I just hope the release for them is soon.

Ah, thought he meant them as a whole… My bad.