Request: Croatian Presidential guard and Yugoslavian SKS models

Hi everyone, I need a Croatian presidential guard and a Yugoslavian SKS(which is used by the Croatian presidential guard) models for Gmod.

The Croatian Presidential guard have to be Faceposable, Fingerposable and need skingroup.

The Yugoslavian SKS need bodygroup like bayonet, magazine(open or not), trigger(pulled or not) and bolt(open or not)

Here is some reference picture:

Thanks to the people who will do this job :slight_smile:

Wystan released an SKS model with a bayonet bodgroup, but the link for it is down unfortunately. Hopefully someone still has it.

Ok, but I just found another SKS models.

Thank you :slight_smile:

PS: Iā€™m a fan of you.

Gotta bump that request up!