[Request] Custom stun baton prop

Okay first off I cannot fucking draw to save my own life, so I’m going to describe what I’d like as best I can. I’d like a HL2 Stun Baton that has some simple edits to it.

Alright fine fuck it here, I’m going to add some embarrassing edits to hopefully get across what I want

The first change I’d like probably needs a model of its own, as I don’t think bodygrouping can help me here: I need a Stun Baton bent at a perfect 90 degree angle in the middle, so both parts are of equal length.

The second change can probably be switched using the bodygroup/skin changer: I’d like the tip of the baton to have a few claws protruding out of it.


The third change would be to separate the tip and the rest of the baton. While the tip still has those claws sticking out. Obviously this means the rest of the baton would need an extra bit of material covering the empty space, preferably with a small hole in it. I plan on linking the two separated props together using the rope tool.


If anyone could help me out here I’d be more than grateful.

Also man I hate not being able to draw, it makes my ideas seem a whole lot dumber than they are

[Fuck you auto load, it changed the topic name for a second from another topic I had planned on posting, but changed my mind when I found what I was looking for earlier.]