[Request] - Daft Punk Playermodels


As recently, I created a thread on why wouldn’t the models work and managed to find out that I could not get the materials to work and would need to recreate the textures thus leading to this request.

Link to original post:

Link to what the original video and animations:

Link to the original files:

This would be highly appreciated



I’ll try to do it.

Edit: I deleted the videos.

Thanks a lot for helping me with getting these models back working, thousands of people on the workshop have been waiting for these to be fixed commenting on the workshop addon that “they are not working” and you have helped quite a lot!

Was the process of converting them to a new format quite easy to do? Because I doubt if I didn’t give you the link to the original files if would of taken longer.

Also, Do you want to upload them to the workshop, or me. And if so, what would I use to update the addon, because i know the workshop updated (With the nice GUI) is no longer used.



For me it was easy to recreate the texture.

I opened the old texture with VTFEdit and copied every single frame and save them as .tga with gimp. After that i wrote a txt script and compiled them with the last version of the vtex.exe from source sdk. :slight_smile:

I continued to use Garrys Workshopper (The GUI Version) to upload my addons.

Thank you and I am unable to download the GUI version (The one that looks like this: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/images/0/03/workshop_publisher_c2.png) and on the website, it says “This is the first version release for the non-beta version of Garry’s Mod. [OLD (see below)] Download link” and the website can’t be found. This is the only one I have used and the other command line ones never worked for me.

Hahaha that’s the best joke I’ve heard all day

Anyways I strongly recommend that you use gmad and gm_publish to upload your addons. Regarding how they aren’t working, which versions are you using? Are you using them straight from the GarrysMod bin folder?

I’ve used them once before, but not straight from the Garry’s Mod bin folder. I really prefer the old one

because it makes it much easier plus I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing with the command line one.

Well since you’re using Windows a facepuncher actually released some batch files that should make the process easier
Hell if I can find it