[Request] Dead Space

I know, I know…

I’ve seen the countless posts when I searched, and just spent the last hour going through this thread

Im looking for raw files (Obj, 3DS) or mdl files.

Looking specifically for Isaac’s Engineer Rig from DS1 or 2, if anyone has these files id greatly appreciate them.

Like this one (or variant)



don’t know what you mean by looking for raw files since i’m not familiar with that type of thing, but heres a pack that contains the suit your talking about along with the other variants and such if thats what you mean.

you can use mdl decompiler to decompile the models @sonichitman provided you then you can get a smd plugin for 3d max if that’s what your using then you can just convert the smds to obj or mdl sounds like a lot of work but it’s not to bad :P. Good luck!