Request Dealing with weather

Do you think you could add weather such as rain and possibly even natural disasters such as tornadoes? Would be cool and realistic.

or tsunami :3

Please please please add weather patterns and “Biomes”

Weather changes and biomes would be nice,

I think natural disasters are a bit much. A little bit of rain, snow or extreme heat would make the game interesting. I’m sure they’re considering it. Weather is critical in survival situations after all.

I would really like you guys developers to add biomes
An interesting thing too: if the character would react according to the environment …
For example: a long time in the cold or snow cause colds (flu), but with specific clothing would not cause anything.

Surely a server reset could be an earthquake? = never been done and relevant to the situation needed :slight_smile:

I want snow now!

Then obviously change lighting based on such.

Light Rain - Lighting is a little darker, nothing too heavy

Storm - Darkness almost all around, torches provide less lighting and can’t see very far, even partially blind players who are out in it because of how heavy the rain/wind is.

Snow - Same as rain.

Screen-effects would help add to this as well, snow/rain on the screen.

Colds and the flu are not caused by weather. I think you are looking for hypothermia.

I don’t think it’d be possible for them to implement full on natural disasters at this stage, but I think having rain and fog would be pretty good.

I heard something about Rain and possible storms, to be added. But it’s not a main priority right now.

Yes! sorry for my english.
I was unable to properly explain what I meant.
But it is exactly that. Something that causes fever or flu or something else, which would decrease some status as walking more slowly, not quickly recover hp and etc…

I noticed you get cold in the game so I’m guessing it is planned for the future.

What about if you spend too much time around a large group of other players, it increases the likelihood of contracting a virus which would have the above effects. When one member of the group gets it, it would increase the likelihood for the others. Would nerf the big groups a bit :).

nice!! would be cool too!!

Their already adding biomes / terrains and weather will be on too just as times like summer and winter. So dont worry about that stuff theyre working on it

I always assumed being cold at the moment made your food bar go down faster (colder, shivering, burning more calories). I could be wrong, but that was my take on it. I also assumed being in comfort (next to fire) made your food bar go down slower. I notice performing actions like chopping wood or stone seems to make your food bar go down faster.

Rain and other weather events would be very welcome. It’s hard to be a survival game when it’s always a perfect sunny day, every day.

Yeah random weather would be nice, but would require more clothing options in the game.

Heat waves, showers, rain storms, flurries, heavy snow fall, freezing rain, deep freeze, etc.

Even if the servers could set the game in seasons (perhaps based on the season the server is located in right now) this way you won’t end up having a massive heat wave one day and then some deep freeze the next.

Also it would be cool if the weather patterns varied in intensity depending on where you are on the map.

The Northern wastelands would be harder with heatwaves, while the south will have more colder intensity… You could heave north or south to escape the more extreme weather effects.